Quinoa Pulao Indian Recipe

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  1. I'm gonna make that. But with one little modification: I would put in the green peas towards the end of the cooking time, on top of the pulao, The heat will cook them, but the color will remain bright green. The fluffing up of the quinoa will incorporate them in it at the end of cooking.

  2. i made my own dish before seeing this video ,its basically diced chicken breast fried in olive oil ,tikka spice paste .diced onions and mixed peppers ,and cauliflower thats been partly mashed and the quinoa is prepared by simmering in mild curry powder for 20 mins then add the quinoa to the wok/pan of the other ingrediants and simmer for 10 minutes 🙂 delicious !

  3. love your chanel,what great  resource for vegetarian recipes-thank-you so much.We have a drought as well,it turns out more than half of earths water goes to animal agriculture-so you are helping drought and  global warming by providing  help for meatless dishes!

  4. there's lot of talking without showing actual procedure.. also no need to have the initial long music.. please check vahchef.. its to the point of procedure….we will be really hungry to make …who is having so much of time to hear blah blah…

  5. Look delicious I cook a lot with Quinoa . I'm a fun it's  so versatil you can do anything and in short time.  I'm going to prepare your recipe and invite friends  I'm sure they'll loved. Thank you for sharing Quinoa Indian style. You are great.

  6. Please help! Is it important for quinoa to get fluffy? Mine isn't getting fluffy even after 20 mins of cooking on stove.
    I just see a Lil tail coming out. However the size does not changes much like I have seen in other videos -_-

  7. Just exquisite… I made a few changes though: I did not soak the quinoa and only added 2 cups of water. I also added my peas at the last minute as I don't like them too cooked. I will for sure do this recipe again as it is just fabulous, thanks a lot.

  8. Delicious! I used squash and zucchini for my vegetables because I had some I needed to use up and it was still good! although maybe not quite as authentic lol (I did also substitute the green chillis for cayanne pepper because I was out)

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