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Make-ahead Meal Plan and Weekly Food Prep {November 21st, 2016}

Thanksgiving week is here! Are you excited? Scared? Indifferent? I’m a little of everything. Of course, I look forward to the delicious food and desserts coming my way but on the flip side I do get a touch scared. It’s not Thanksgiving day that rattles me. That day is suppose to be filled with food and jugs of wine. I would never change that. For me, it’s the days following Thanksgiving that I get concerned with. Those days are filled with leftovers, parties, and more parties. This means a constant stream of food and drinks I need to be intentional with. I need to start practicing “no thank you” and keeping my hands away from the cheese and bread dip now. The struggle is real folks.

I did GREAT tapping into some serious willpower and discipline during Halloween. Did I mention this girl did not have one piece of candy? Yep. Yes I know a piece of candy won’t kill me, and neither will a little extra on Thanksgiving, but it’s the mindset I get into after the fact. I know if I allowed myself Halloween candy I would have another and then another. Same with the holidays. One piece of cheese turns into 10 and then one more piece of pie turns into 1 more piece the next day. It’s like a domino effect. I feel confident that if I can stay disciplined during the holidays I will start 2017 strong – which I plan to do.

Typically, I’m not a resolution type person but what the heck. I’ve learned a lot this year and see nothing wrong with starting the New Year with new goals to crush. I guess my point is I don’t want the time in-between Thanksgiving and New Years to set me back. I want to enjoy the holidays but use that time to practice discipline and plan for the New Year. I feel motivated just writing that.

I did get some questions on staying on track during Thanksgiving. For me, I plan to eat a little less during the week, continue with running, and then get a good solid run in Thanksgiving morning. On Thanksgiving I plan to enjoy myself but still keep food under control. I’ll plan my food around my must haves which are lasagna and chocolate pie. My family is Italian and a huge lasagna is the centerpiece to Thanksgiving. Yes we have turkey but lasagna is the star. I’m going to put the appetizers I want on a small plate and then that’s it. Well, of course, I’ll have a couple glasses of lambrusco too but after that no more. The next morning I will get up and run again. So that’s my “plan” to enjoy Thanksgiving without completely ruining my weight loss goals. Alexis wrote a post on this last week if you want so more tips.

Alrighty, lets get to my meal plan. This week is a clean out the pantry and freezer week. I have a bunch of freezer meals I need to eat up not mention a ton of random food in the pantry and fridge. All I need to go to the grocery store for are some basics like eggs, frozen fruit, and couple other things. I saved time and money this week.

Here’s my meal plan on Plan to Eat. Oh, just in case you don’t have this in your calendar yet, Plan to Eat is getting ready for their HUGE Black Friday Sale. This is when annual memberships are 1/2 off. After the discount your Plan to Eat Membership comes to $19.50 for the entire year. That’s only $1.60 a month. I’m telling ya this is an amazing price and I highly recommend jumping on it. I purchased my membership 4 years ago during their Black Friday sale and now it renews at this same super low price every year.  You can signup now for the free trial and then subscribe on Black Friday.

If you’re curious to learn more about Plan to Eat check these posts I put together:

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My meal plan.

Plan to Eat


Morning Glory Steel Cut Oats

Make-ahead tips

  • This was made Sunday night.


A variation of this quinoa salad using leftover vegetables.

Protein kits

Make-ahead tips

  • Salad was made today and store in the refrigerator.
  • Protein kits were made today.




Siggi yogurt

Apples and peanut butter



Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Chili

Turkey Zucchini Meatballs

Linguine and Clam Sauce

Homemade pizza


Make-ahead tips

  • the chili, meatballs, and clam sauce were made weeks ago and in the freezer. I love having individual meals in the freezer, makes life so easy.
  • I got fresh dough from the grocery store.


Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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