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Prevent Winter Weight Gain With These 5 Boss Tips!

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Cold weather is coming soon, or already upon us in some places. For many people, that means more time spent indoors and less time being active. It also means more idle time to snack, comfort foods, and holidays filled with high calorie meals and desserts. It’s no wonder many people gain some weight in the winter, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You need to put a plan in place now to prevent that winter weight gain. Getting rid of it once it’s there is always difficult, and it can turn into one big repetitive cycle that you never get out of. Taking preventative measures is the key to maintaining your healthy habits once the snow starts flying.

#1. Plan, Plan, Plan

OYS was built on the idea that intentionally planning your eating can help you lose weight and maintain your weight. This can involve meal planning, food prep, freezer cooking, exercise planning, goal setting, and so many other things. Having an idea of what you are going to eat each day for the week gives you a head start and something to work with. There’s no coming home from work not having a clue what to make, so you end up ordering pizza. Instead you have something in the crockpot, or a meal partially prepared to finish cooking when you get home. There’s no running to the vending machine at work at 3:00 because you are starving. Instead you have healthy snacks in your desk ready for that hunger attack. With a plan, you should also not be flying by the seat of your pants with exercise. You should have set days and times you are going to do it, just like any other appointment. It’s okay if your plans sometimes don’t go exactly as you wanted them to, but without a plan you are setting yourself up for disaster.

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#2. Walk more

Adding more steps to your daily activity is a great way to burn off extra calories or save up for a treat you know you want to indulge in. You can make a commitment to take a walk after dinner five nights a week. This can be 20 minutes, or however long you want it to be. You can park further away at store. You can set your phone alarm to go off every half hour at work to remind you to get up and walk around your office for five minutes. You can get up during TV commercials and walk up and down the stairs at your house. All of these little steps will add up to big calories burned, not to mention a healthy heart.

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#3. Eat regularly…including treats

There is never a time when you should be starving yourself. If you binged on cookies one night, don’t punish yourself the next day by dramatically slashing your calories. Just get right back into your healthy eating habits. Or if you have a big dinner coming up, don’t starve yourself all day. Eat small healthy meals throughout the day, get some exercise, and plan what you want to splurge on. On a regular basis, you should try to eat every three to four hours. This keeps your metabolism revved up and prevents you from getting to the “hangry” point. Once you are past hungry, you will eat anything in sight and make poor food choices. Always have healthy snacks with you wherever you go…a bag of almonds, an apple, a granola bar. When it comes to treats, nothing should be off limits or banned. You just need to plan for them and practice portion control. Take three bites of your treat. Then walk away from it and see how you feel. You will most likely be satisfied and will not need to eat the entire thing. Also, don’t just eat something because it’s there. Make sure it’s something you really want.

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#4. Start now

When Halloween rolls around and all that candy shows up, it’s like the beginning of two months of temptation. This is followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas, which really involves whole months full of parties and get-togethers full of rich foods. Many people just give up and say,” I’ll wait until New Year’s to start my diet.” No!!! Start now! But don’t call it a diet. Just start your healthy lifestyle. There’s no need to go hog wild for two months only to have to battle it all later. Eat healthy most of the time, plan for parties and treats, and enjoy your food.

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#5. Change up your exercise routine

I do not exercise outside in the winter, and I know many people feel the same. So back to the gym it is. But instead of going back to the same old routine, try something different. Take a group class if you never have. Or if you have been taking the same group class for years, try a new one. There are so many to choose from. Hire a personal trainer to give you a new strength training routine to challenge your muscles in new ways. Love the treadmill? Try a different cardio machine, like the elliptical or stair climber. You want to make your exercise routine appealing to you so that you keep doing it. Making it fresh is one way to do this.

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