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This recipe is for a tasteful vegan Quinoa salad. In this episode you will learn how to make a yummy, low-fat and healthy salad that will blow your mind.

32 thoughts on “Quinoa salad | The Vegan Corner

  1. omg these recipes are like heaven best part is it's mostly fat free and sodium too .thank you very much finally my life is not all about boiled potatoes and rice and fruits thought i love fruits .keep the good fat free recipes ..can't wait to try them

  2. How cold should the quinoa be when you combine it with the veggies? Are you supposed to refrigerate it overnight? Is it okay to eat it at room temperature with this recipe? We got the ingredients and are going to try cooking it tonight. We're excited.

  3. I made this for my family for Iftar(dinner breaking the fast for Ramadan) this evening and it was a hit!! Thank you so much for the recipe! I will definitely make this again. Me and my husband loved it!

  4. Today I made this salad for dinner for me and my mother (I want to go vegan, but she loves meat and she has it on every single meal). Well, when she tried it she said "OMG Marta this is delicious!! Where did you find this recipe?" I only want to give you thanks for this amazing salad, we loved it too much and I love your channel too<3!! Seriously, you deserve more suscribers but don't worry, now you have 1 more 🙂 :)

  5. This was really good! It looked and smelled so awesome that I couldn't wait for it to cool down to eat it and had it warm, haha. It really is great both hot and cold 🙂 Thank you for your fantastic recipes. I can't wait to try more!

  6. oh. my. God. when I found this channel it felt like finding HEAVEN. gosh I'm so so happy that this channel exists, THANK YOU SO MUCH! ah my life is finally complete now!

  7. I had a great idea for a new recipe for quinoa. while I was making spring rolls I realized 90% of it was vegetables and glass noodles and the other 10% is pork. replace the pork with quinoa and you'll have a quinoa rolls. yum. can't wait to try this.

  8. I'm sorry I do not speak English. Recipes can be addressed to me? I went translator translation. Thank you. Thanksgiving. I am a Taiwanese do not speak English. Sorry.

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