Best Lean Protein Food – Grilled Chicken with Quinoa and Vegetables

An awesome alternative to the usual starchy carbs Quinoa is actually a seed originating from the Andes though it can be cooked like a wholegrain. It has a …

27 thoughts on “Best Lean Protein Food – Grilled Chicken with Quinoa and Vegetables

  1. ppl is so worry about gaining weight. All foods have calories. Just eat the healthy ones and live the junk away from you. Do exercise at least 30' for 5 days, drink your water, eat slowly , eat mini meals during the day, don't eat too late, sleep your 8 hour ….. . C'mom , we all know that. The ppl I know that are fat, are the ones that do the opposite or /and have problems with hormones. So eat your meal and do what you have to do. Btw, Thanks Patrick!. I'm always busy . You are my hero.

  2. I cooked Quinoa last week with chicken broth and a lot of onions and cilantro and still it didn't have any flavor. I'm going to try today your recipe to see how it goes. I love veggies and your dish looks yummy. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. You can use all water or all stock – it depends on the flavour you are going for. Stock will make the dish a lot tastier though. Personally I'd go for chicken stock but you can equally use veg stock.

  4. Clicking on this video, I thought you was some youtube sensation with 300,000+ subscribers. But no; for some reason you have under 1000. This is a great video and explains fully what is in it. Im only 16 and im starting a diet soon which contains alot of protein and this seems suitable.

    Keep it up, you just earned 1 more subscriber! :)

  5. Great video. Although, to those new to Quinoa, be fully aware, there is a high amount of gluten in it. Gluten increases insulin levels, which are the cause of those pesky sugar cravings. Those on a strict diet should be aware.

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