3 Delicious Quinoa Recipes

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24 thoughts on “3 Delicious Quinoa Recipes

  1. Just made the stir fry recipe to add to my salmon as a meal prep, had a little left over to taste and yum! Thanks for all the ideas! I'll be making the Tangy Tai recipe next! Love your videos!!

  2. ok, i tried the first one and it s good 🙂 I had all the ingredients, even already cooked quinoa from yesterday… I just didnt have any green onions :(, i bet it s even better with them. so thanks for the recipe! I already ate quinoa in 2 different ways in the past 2 days lol, so I didnt know what to do with it today. and there you were with these 3 wonderful recipes. I ll try the other two as well :))

  3. Somebody told me quinoa is a great alternative for white rice and being an Asian it is really unusual for me not to have that filling rice in each meal but white rice is proven to be gut bulging so I'm going to try the Chinese fried quinoa looks deliciously close to that of a Chinese fried rice so it must be good. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. I cooked the chinese stir fry recipe today. I used tofu scramble to replace eggs. Also, I used liquid amino to substitute soy sauce. it's really good. Thanks for the receipe.

  5. you can do a stalk at home instead of buying the commercials ones which has 60% of salt!
    its that simple : a carrot , an onion , a celery , a potato . and you can add other vegs too if you like
    cut them into large pieces put them with 3 Litres of cold water then on fire and cover them , check when they start to boil then put the timer for 35 Minutes.
    then thats it …. you can put the vegs a part and use your home made tasty delicious healthy ( Brodo ) Italian name :)

  6. Great recipes ~ I will try them all for our lunches. On the subject of brocolli: I get so annoyed that I can't buy broccoli with a stalk anymore. I love the stalk ~ either spiralized to make noodles or sliced to dip in hummus. Or grated in a salad.

  7. I've just tried the chinese fried dish & I love it the sesame oil covered the other flavors a little bit but it's ok, i'm thinking those recipes will be great for meal prep.
    thx for sharing,

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